Oromocto ho!

So, here we are in New Brunswick. It is such a relief to be out of the US - Canada is home and I know that if anything were to go wrong, we'd be taken care of. All of the people we met on our travels have been very nice, but it's always nicer to be home.

Speaking of home, we're almost there!  We'll be arriving in the valley in the early afternoon. What another relief to get that trailer off of Gertie and the goods into the house.   I have to set up the vanities for the plumber and our beds for a couple of nights.  The only real problem is how to get the 400 pound stove into the house.  Hopefully there will be some workin' guys there and they'll give me a hand.

Other than that, so far so good. Everyone and every dog is healthy, safe and almost home!  Well, except for the boy, who will be flying back to Regina with Nana, to make the trip again with Laur.

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