Saying goodbye...

Tonight my sister organized a wee "going away/family/birthday" supper for us.  It was so nice to see family and friends all sitting around the table together.  Conversing in small groups, talking football, telling stories, laughing and sharing a meal was a very special opportunity to connect with the people who have loved me my whole life.

Saskatchewan is not for us.  Though we are very excited to begin a new, deliberate and carefully chosen life and home for our family, it's hard to say goodbye...

Home - the womb, our physical home, spiritual home or emotional home - is where we all begin.  It's the place that drives us forward, onto our own paths, into our own journeys. It's the place each one of us seeks to return. It is the first and last pages in the book of our lives.

Who is wiser than the one who knows the way home?

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