Siding and getting ready for paint!

I love the days that we get update photos! It's a bit like Christmas - unwrapping and closely examining each picture, drinking in the changes.  With each update, it becomes easier to imagine myself standing right there.

Couple of views of the kitchen door/dining room window.  I'm quite happy with the siding despite it being vinyl.  We had initially discussed galvanized corrugated siding - going for an ultra modern look - but it was not cost effective for us at this juncture.  Nor did it really fit our style. The GC was asked to leave some j-channel at the front, so we could do the cultured stone at a later date. I hope this was done. All in all, looking good.  I'm already planning gates and fences, and I think there will be a recycled pallet fence, with arbor and gate running out towards the camera, between the kitchen and dining room windows. Those who remember our garden fence in Wolseley will know the fence I'm talking about. 

Couple of dining room/living room shots. Even though there is plastic on the windows, you can still see our view. I'm so excited!  Windows will have basic flat trim, like our place here in Regina, with a 6" sill. This will allow you to sit on the lower ones, if you have a small butt, and place plants or decorative bits on the upper ones. Having the scaffolding right near the window wall gives you an idea of scale.  That ceiling is 14' high!  Those windows are 4' high and placed 2' off the ground. So, the top of the windows is approx. 6' off the floor. I keep talking about this because I'm having a hard time judging the scale of the living room.
The east kitchen wall and north living room wall. You can see our pocket door which separates the public space from the sleeping/bathrooms.

East kitchen wall, showing Laur the range outlet and propane line.  The the U-shaped kitchen will extend towards the camera on the right side - that's the sink drain, black thing, right foreground.
And finally, our bedroom! This is the first photo I've seen. There was a video shot by Laur, but gives us a better idea with the drywall in place. Looking forward to lazy Sunday mornings in that space!

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