A shout-out to MGSR!

Here's a shout-out to Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue - this is where Truman came from.
He was rescued from a northern Manitoba reserve prior to the annual dog cull.  For those who don't know, residents on many reserves are required to claim their dogs annually, prior to the cull. Many of the unclaimed animals which run freely form packs, can be dangerous, abused, neglected and diseased - often left to die of injuries or sickness. Some people have even been known to deliberately run dogs over with their vehicles, or as in Truman's case, beat them senseless.

Any unclaimed dog is subject to the cull - RCMP officers (sometimes with assistance) will shoot these unclaimed animals.

Truman was taken out of the community prior to the cull, but that doesn't mean he was spared abuse - he was just a pup, found surrounded by a number of people who were beating him with hockey sticks.

I guess if that was the end of the story, it wouldn't be as terribly sad.   But think about this, conditions in many northern communities are 3rd world - many people do not have clean and safe drinking water,  some contend with black mould and substandard housing, and most people's lives have been touched in some way by substance abuse.  These same people who demonstrate abuse and neglect to animals have also been profoundly affected by abuse and neglect themselves.  It perpetuates itself.

To help support rescues and their important work, Canvasback Pet Supply in Winnipeg held a calendar contest.  The store pledged the proceeds of their 2013 calendar sales to a lucky rescue.  The rescue with the most photos submitted on it's behalf would be chosen as the winner.  People emailed, Facebooked, snail mailed photos in to the store, and stated which rescue they'd like to "vote" for.

MGSR won the proceeds from next year's calendar!


If you want to donate to a very worthwhile organization, consider MGSR - like many rescues, they work so hard for the dogs (and don't just rescue Shepherds - as evidenced by Captain Fluffy-butt).  The calendars will be available from Canvasback Pet Supplies soon.

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  1. His nature is as incredible as his amazing good looks. We'll always love him and never forget him.
    Clive and June.