A house is not a home... (yet)

I'm writing from Timmy's with free wi-fi and battery power, so this will be a brief post.  I'll post photos and some thoughts once we get some power and our own connection!

I had a fantastic birthday yesterday. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and wishes! I don't think I'll ever be able to top my day yesterday, except to include next year's 40th celebration with family and friends in Disneyworld!!!

We arrived safely on Wednesday afternoon.  Mom, the boy and I stayed in a hotel until Saturday morning, when I dropped them off at the airport.  They made it home safely.  Apparently the boy is quite the air traveller - we know this for ourselves, but I admit I was quite worried about him making the journey with Nana.

The boy is on the verge of five, and already he's travelled coast to coast!  He's back at home for a few days, until Auntie Terri arrives and they all begin their epic journey once again.

All told, he'll have made the trip to NS three times in 6 months!

The house is fantastic, the property is peaceful, and I'm very happy with the workmanship, communication and experience with AW Allen.  They've been great and I know we'll be happy with our home for years to come.

I cut a bunch of wood yesterday (with the chainsaw).  There is so much more to cut and split that I will have my work cut out for me! Luckily, it's stuff that was felled last year, so it should be dry enough to burn this year.

That said, I've spent a couple of very quiet, lonely nights in the house.  Although there are materials in the house, it feels so lonely!  I know my poor spouse is anxious to get out here, and even if we don't have our stuff, it can only be a home once my family is here with me.

I know we'll be happy here.

My battery is about to die, so I'll write more and post some photos once I get some power.

For now, I'm on the hunt for some nail clippers! Wish me luck!

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