Well, well, well...

They started the well yesterday, and got about 80'. Apparently it was their last drill for the day, because they shut down and will resume today.  I think we budgeted for 200' and wells around here are 120-150' so we'll see what happens.

The side kitchen door will be in the back left corner, approx at the front wheel of the drill rig (but on the house).

Laur said, "I look at this picture and the first thing i think: that hill in the background is ours. we own that! never in my life have i imagined having almost 100 acres of private property."  I look at this picture and think - "is that survey tape or flowers on that shrub?"

Feelin' the VW wagon love?

I can't help but trust anyone who drives a Jetta TDI wagon (exactly like Ingrid)... apparently it belongs to our GC.

We like the car, boy likes the wee scoopy.  Maybe they will throw it in with the house!

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