Ladies and Gentlemen - start your hammers!

And so the framing begins!

I like it that these guys don't drive big fancy trucks... and that they appear to be mature men.

Basement, east side walkout.  The far window will be the guest room (with bath). We have planned that these two rooms could be an in-law suite, if necessary.  The near windows could be a living room.

The walkout door and future in-law living room window.

Basement front of house.  There will be a raised deck along the front, at main floor level.  The dining room is on the left, living room centre and master bedroom to the right.
Hard at work in the morning light.

The basement stair opening is just to the left of the framer.  This gives us a good idea of the August morning light - probably about 7am.

Floor framing above the centre basement wall.  Laura opted for 2 x 10" floor joists instead of engineered simply due to the fire rating.  Engineered joists have a 2-3 minute fire rating whilst solid wood can last up to 15 mins.

View from the dining room door, out over the meadow. I've asked that they keep any pieces that are longer than 2' so that I can use them for farm projects (like a chicken coop!!!).

Looking north towards the house, standing in the middle of the meadow.

View northward from the meadow.

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