Foundation is in.

The forms have been stripped and the foundation completed.  The side, orientation and view are starting to become apparent.
The south east corner - the walkout.  The basement door will be just out of this photo, to the left.

South east corner of the building - the basement door will be between the board-bridge and the hinge on the corner, facing towards the right.
Another shot of the front and south east corner - the guy stripping forms is standing in the basement doorway.

This is the front of the house - there will be a deck and pergola across the front. The dining room door is approximately where the fellow in the blue shorts is standing.

The drive approaching the front of the house.  I like that from anywhere in the house (except the bathrooms and boy's room) we will be able to see someone coming up the drive.

Back fill in place.

The waterproofing on the outside of the foundation can be seen as the black line between the soil and the concrete.

The front of the house and slope. There will be a large deck across the front - one deck with pergola in front of the dining room, and one deck with pergola in front of our bedroom. The two decks will be attached by a walkway.

Looking across the house to the meadow. The kitchen door is in this corner.  Laura's office will be in the front alcove, between the wall and the concrete square. 
Basement.  Laura's office will be in the alcove around the corner on the right.

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