I had a brief conversation with Laura this morning. She had the opportunity to visit with the school principal...

Apparently they spoke about the school and the boy's needs for over an hour.  Our friend Laura said that it was a fantastic school (20 years ago).  My Laura said the school has an OT and a Speech Path on staff, as well as a First Nations elder who comes every second Friday.

Apparently the elder has her permanent office at the high school, but is generally available.

Laura spoke about SPD and the boy's previous experience at Montessori. The principal asked if she could contact his Montessori teacher to find out a bit more of the boy's learning style, and Laura consented.

First indication we are moving to a smaller world? "May I ask you a question?" the principal enquired.  "I don't mean to be weird, but do you have friends here?"  Apparently she knew of us from our friend Laura.  It turns out that the principal's husband installed Laura and Gerard's fantastic maple flooring, and L & G spoke about us...

Incidentally, we have to figure out a new name for Laura. All of this "my Laura" and "our friend Laura" has the potential to become confusing...


  1. they're good with Moosum and Kookum

  2. love the whole idea! We are going to have fun!