Morning update.

Photos from around the property.

There's an apple tree right outside the back door.  Laura reports that there are approximately a dozen apple trees scattered along the edge of the Swirl.  Perfect place for chickens to roam about.  Perhaps these trees would appreciate some P & P (pruning and poop).

Remember the rock pile? This is it... shrubs and new tree growth is approximately 4' high! Can you believe this all took place in the three months since we visited?

Again, the part of the clear cut.  I am overjoyed that the foliage is growing back so quickly.

From the Swirl to the east side of the house.  I am so excited that we'll be able to hear/see the livestock housing area from the master bedroom!  That way, if we hear any trouble in the night, we can have a look before heading out!
Another view of the tunnel, looking back in towards the Swirl.  As you've perhaps noticed, we already have pet names for places on the property.
Intersection of Tunnel Street and Meadow Avenue, looking west towards the house and drive.

Tunnel Street at Meadow Avenue, looking east.

Looking out the south sitting room window. The grey circles in the foreground are the footings for the deck.  The septic drainfield will be located where the grass meets the dirt.  Maybe we can move a couple of those rocks to frame the path down to the coop.

Looking out the back door. Perhaps if we ever have anyone in the MIL, we can make a wee patio out here.

House, from the bottom side.  Laur is standing on what will be the septic area.
A pile of debris and temporary electrical service. I've asked the contractor to keep any scraps longer than 2' so I can use them in various future building projects.

The well head.

Our back yard. We can't decide if this is where the dogs will have their secured poop area, or if this is where the kitchen garden will be located.  Perhaps both... separate, of course!

Under the basement stairs from inside the mechanical room.  We had originally planned an in-floor safe, but since it has been manufactured in China, the quality has diminished greatly.  Go figure! So...we'll likely have a larger safe for firearms, ammunition and important documents located somewhere else

Laura's office (on the right, between the telepost and the corner, right foreground) looking east toward the basement door and into the future monther-in-law sitting room.
Looking east on to the path to the barns, from the basement bedroom room window.

Laura's office from the bottom of the stairs.

Mechanical room - washer/dryer, well pressure tank, utility sink, freezers and storage.

Property of Zellers, huh?  Looking out from mechanical room, through the roughed-in basement bath and into the (future) MIL (or boy) bedroom.

Opposite view.

Boy/MIL bedroom doorway looking into sitting area.

Looking west, into the "theatre" where we'll have the telly.

Through Laura's office, into the "theatre".

Laura's future office.

Looking from basement door into boy/MIL bedroom/bath.

From the back door to the kitchen stairs.

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