An Occidental Acres exclusive!

This just in from our foreign correspondents embedded with the troops in the middle of the front-line action! The house wrap is on and the windows and doors are in.

Who is that handsome devil? Laur named this photo "Gerard Regard" - clever, n'est-ce pas?

Laur has suggested putting some solar twinkly lights on one of the evergreens along the meadow. I think it's a grand idea!


  1. I have solar powered twinkly lights! Run, don't walk, and get some!!!

  2. We have had some on the pergola at the Regina house for a few years now, and they're great! We picked up another two strands at WlamRat (long story, but pronounced Wuh-lam-rat at our house) to put on each pergola.

    I think we're going to have to get at least one more in order to decorate some random forest trees. Wouldn't it be amazing to look out over the meadow on a cold, dark winter evening and see some twinklies glowing gayly?