Live from Nova Scotia...

So, Laur is in NS for a few days to finalize some house stuff.  According to her latest IM, she's had a productive morning. The kitchen close to being finalized - with off white custom cabinets and cork flooring. She just needs to need to pick a counter and pulls.

Whilst finalizing the kitchen, she met the cabinet maker who was puzzled by our choice of wine rack, but had some recommendations.  He apparently also really likes the addition of the small bar (to hide the sink faucets) which functions as a sort of built-in buffet.

The rest of the house will have laminate. This is a cost effective compromise as we would like hardwood but really want a sense of the light throughout the seasons before we pick something more permanent.

She's selected the wall colours and is meeting the GC, job site foreman and electrician this afternoon.  

She says some of the weeds on the logging road are taller than her, and that there is one down by the creek which is surely 10' tall!   Apparently it smells amazing - she loves the smell of the trees - and everything is green and lush, aside from some of the trees which already have a reddish hue.

It's a lovely, breezy sunny day there and she sounds altogether excited.  It's nice to hear her so happy.  When I asked her if it's a place where we will be happy, she replied confidently, "I KNOW we'll be happy here!"

Stay tuned for some photos and perhaps a video.

In the mean time, here's a snap of my dog.  :D

Laura thinks it's hideous, but I rather like this chair.  I'm not sure what it's about for the dogs, but until Aida's knees went, it was her favourite place to snooze.

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