Interior framing, continued..

Doorway, centre right, will be a pocket door to separate the bath, boy's room and entrance to our room from the public space.

The pocket door, "hall" and doors to main bath, our room and the boy's room.

"Hm, I wonder who is coming down the drive," I thought as I peered out the dining room window.  "Oh, it's our good friend P.A. Potty!"
First two banks of living room windows. And, of course, the meadow/pasture.
The master bedroom door and window.  The view from the road is largely obstructed by trees, but you can see the power lines because of their height.  I like that we can see someone coming up the drive from our room - or at the very least will see lights sweeping around the bend.  There will be two 11' x 11' decks and pergolas (off the master and dining room). These two decks will be joined in front of the living room by a 4' walkway.

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