We have a roof...

Monday morning update.

Welcome to our port-a-potty! Er...let me fix that...
Welcome to our home!  Main entrance and kitchen garden will be on the left, behind the red truck.   A large deck with two pergolas will also welcome guests at the front.  Under the pergolas will be the dining room door and the master bedroom door.  I think that's the plumber walking around on the phone.

A kitchen/dining room window on the left by the ladder, and the dining room door left-middle by the propped board.

The living room ceiling.  There will be a wall dividing the master from the living room - it will run from the guy on the ladder to the left.  This same wall will have the living room fire place centred upon it. Lots of light for our room and the living/dining/kitchen.

The rear portion of the house.  This view cuts through the boy's room (with window), the two bathrooms, hallway and the master closet.  I like how there isn't a main load bearing wall...  if for some reason we ever had to do renos, makes it super easy!

The view of the meadow from the living room. This is the shot I've been waiting for!  Too bad the scaffolding is in the way!  This would be the view if you were standing with your back to the bookcases.

Ah yes, the beloved meadow!  This is what we'll see when we're sitting on the sofa in front of the fire!

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