April vs August

Apparently it doesn't take long for Nature to reclaim her own in Nova Scotia.  The August images were taken by Laura today.   If you click on the images, they will expand.

The logging road.

Looking out over the meadow. Our house now stands where the bare twigs obscure the right foreground of the April image.

Logging road, south side of bridge.
Stitched panorama, house to road.  It's a bit closer than what we wanted, but we had to weigh the cost.  Nothing that a few fast-growing, Nova Scotia trees can't fix!  Oh, and apparently we have a large apple tree just out the basement door! I hope Laura brings some of "our" apples home with her!

And some photos from the inside.

The boy's room - looks small, but is almost the exact same size as his current room.  Laur stated that the window is "huge" and dwarfs the rest of the room.  Perhaps it is a good thing to have a lot of light, as it faces due north.

Looking through the "public/boy" bathroom, into our bathroom and through to the master closet.  The baths are small, but it's not like you're spending a lot of time in there!

Standing in the "hall" pocket door, looking south-west through the living room into dining.  The late afternoon, late-summer sun falls into the dining room. Because of the angle of the sun, these rooms will be very brightly lit in the winter.  This also happens to be the path we will follow on our way to breakfast every morning!

Don't fall!  Entering via the kitchen door, the stairs to the basement are directly in front.  The black thing in the middle of the picture is the roughed-in shower drain, for a downstairs bath to be installed at a later date.  On the other side of the wall to the right is the kitchen.


  1. This is the most amazing blog. I love the detail and the great photos. And also the thoughtful way you have documented your progress.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Although I can see how many hits the blog receives, I never know if these are bot hits or real people.

      I appreciate your feedback and hope to hear from you again.

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