ZOMGWTFBBQ!! They sell BEEP in Nova Scotia!!!!

Sweet, low-swingin', sandal-wearin', sandwich-eatin' mother of Jeebuz on a crutch!

Beep, glorious Beep!! Revel in all the Beeperiffic Beepiness at the Farmers Dairy FB page!


  1. I expect that when I come and visit your fridge will be fully stocked. That's what a good sister would do.

  2. Of course!

    I called today, and sadly the limited supply will likely only last until the end of October, but I just thought of something! If they still have it when I get there, I'll buy a BUNCH and freeze it for just such a visit!

  3. I don't know what makes me happier: the fact it's back... or the fact it totally photo bombed the fireplace.