Little NS house on the prairie...

We received and accepted an offer on the house last Monday.  The conditions are straightforward, contingent on financing and inspection.   The home inspector came on Wednesday and the prospective buyers seemed happy with the results. Although the inspector did mention one thing to me - that we needed a gas line locate, and that because it appeared that the gas line went under the garage (it does), this might pose a bit of a problem.

Cue me - FREAK OUT.

We're on a 25' lot, and the line runs diagonal across the middle of the rear portion. What were we going to do, build a triangular 12.5' garage?  We had done a line locate in 2008, when we built the garage.  Because the line was encased in a special plastic, the energy company said that it was not a problem to build over it.

So, we submitted our lot and building plans to the city and it was approved. We received our permit in June of that year and commenced building.

Time lapse - September 2012 - resume me - out-freaking.

So, the energy company came again and did another locate on Thurs. The technician again confirmed that because the line was encased in plastic, that it was no problem.  Of course the new owners wanted this in writing.

On Friday morning, I got an email from the company saying that the line did not pose a safety issue. This alone made me very happy.  But I was ecstatic (how come "ecstatic" isn't spelled "extatic"?) to read further.  In it's missive, the gas company stated that if the line is a problem in the future, SaskEnergy will have the line moved at the expense of the company.

I was super happy with this, and forwarded the letter to the prospective buyers.

I then received some (unrelated) distressing news... but this was mitigated by the happy gas-line news.

Friday night we were scheduled to visit some friends in our old town, and join them for a steak dinner.  In passing, Pam mentioned that they were building "our house" at an RTM company on the way.

We weren't sure what she meant, but decided to check it out anyways.

I wish I'd had a camera!  They really are building "our house"!  We stopped in, and the company let me go up to house (but not inside, due to safety concerns). What a trip!  Laur has already been in our place in NS, but it was so exciting for me to be able to see the place in person!

The house being built here is an RTM (ready to move), and as such does not have a basement.  The owners of this structure have kept the stock floor plan, so there are a few differences. Nevertheless, I was excited to look in the open doorways, and imagine myself standing in the living room.

The building company invited me back in a couple weeks, when they would allow me to walk through.  

We concluded our day with a very good steak supper and a fantastic visit with friends.

What a day!


  1. So when is moving day? I'm so excited for you all! We are going to be buying or building next year. I can't wait!

  2. Oh wow, Alisa - please blog your experience, I find the process of finding "home" to be interesting. Many people with many different ideas of sanctuary!

    We're looking to head out at the beginning of November. Laur/Gus and I/dogs will start the journey traveling together, caravan-style. We'll split at Chicago, at which time I will head off ahead, taking some of our fixtures to the new place in time for the final inspection.

    I'm looking forward to the journey after Chicago - as I've not traveled by car east of Illinois. The dogs and I are going to have a great adventure...

    Once everyone is home safe, we'll all be able to relax after enduring a year of stress!

  3. Hooray for the offer... and for the house-twin... and for the steak dinner! Boo for the gas line fiasco... but hooray that it worked out. :)