More photos from the home-front...

"Board and Batten" siding.  Yeah, it's vinyl, but at least it's something different.

Windows open to help air movement during mudding/taping the drywall.

The living room is drywalled.  I like that the fireplace has been centred - you'll be able to enjoy it from the dining room and the sofa.  Such a change to see the drywall instead of studs.  Laur thinks it looks way smaller now, and certainly the drywall solidifies the walls, rather than looking through stud bays. However, when you consider that the fireplace is VERY large, the actual size of the room is difficult to discern. Although, the jacket hanging there gives us a good idea of the fireplace height.

The kitchen, looking across where the "peninsula" will be. The black bit on the bottom is the sink drain pipe, with the range hood vent and HVAC heat recirculating duct located at the top of the corner.

This bit was firred out in the stairwell to hide the range hood duct, which vents through the top shelf of our 39" cabinets, through the top of the stairwell and directly outside.
Part of our hot water heat recovery system - essentially using disposed water to "pre-heat" incoming water. Not exactly sure how it works, but Laur assures me there are very interesting videos of it online.

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