Our fantastic friends, Mooshum and Kookum!

Our friends, Laura and Gerard, have become honorary Grandma and Grandpa.  In an effort to avoid "my Laura" and "our friend Laura" they've decided that Kookum (Grandma in Cree) and Mooshum (Grandpa, also in Cree) will do just fine!

Gerard and his four cords of hand split and stacked wood - all ready for winter.  I'm not sure if Coco stacked or cut, or just stood there lookin' good.  Geez, they're both standing there lookin' good. Incidentally, that calf has the cleanest butt I've ever seen!


  1. What a fine figure of a man!. You know he'll be 70 on his next birthday and he cut all that wood and split by hand


  2. I have been turning that phrase over and over in my mind - "What a fine figure of a man" - and I can't imagine any higher compliment to someone.

    I enjoy your phrasing.