Boy's room.

We've been tossing around the idea of a loft bed for the boy's room.  The footprint is almost exactly the same size as his current room.  We'd dismissed the idea on previous occasions because of his tender age.

However, he's now left Toddlerville and is on his way to Little Kidopolis.  His new room also has a sloped ceiling which gives us a bit more headroom, particularly above the (usually) wasted space at the door.  This would leave the entire floorspace available for such things as his toy box, bureau, armoire and desk.  Oh, and space to play.

This idea was confirmed upon Laur's return. Apparently Mooshum (Gerard's new nickname - means Grandfather in Cree) had also suggested this.  So, that makes three independent opinions (mine, Laur's and Mooshum).

On that note, I have put together some photos of loft beds which might be suitable for his space. If Laur agrees, it might be a good time to let the house framers know, so that we can put in any extra reinforcements before the drywall goes up.

Check it out and let me know what you think, too!

  I wish I could find the photo which illustrated exactly what I was talking about - it had a loft bed above a door with a slope ceiling.  I guess for now you'll just have to use your imagination!


  1. #2 is very imaginative but #3 looks easier to build and maybe a little safer.

  2. Just not too high. Boys tend to want to swing from the rafters so it worries me to have him up there. I think the idea is great and he is getting older but......