A sad day for Dumpster...

Sadly, the City has decided that shared back-alley dumpsters are obsolete.  We have been issued a "residential rolling waste cart".  For all intents and purposes, this means that dumpster divers can now tear open our garbage bags in the cart instead of a giant dumpster.

This is a bothersome development.

The dumpsters have been stacked a few blocks away and wait to be marched off to their collective "recycling" facility.

Yes, it's true - I defaced a municipal government sticker.  It says, "We're recycling this old garbage bin". I added the - Hoo boy! Can't wait for that.

Makes me sad. I miss our dumpster already.  It was such a good dumpster and served us well for so many years.  RIP Dumpster.

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