Our fireplace, and a word from our sponsors...

Oh, and here's some photos of our new fireplace. To give you a bit of an idea of scale, the hearth will be approximately 5' wide when finished, and the mantle will sit 6-ish feet off the floor.  Hard to judge scale from the size of the living room, eh?  Having the mantle 6' off the floor is great for scale, given that the ceiling is so high!

This fireplace has blowers and ducting down into the basement to heat the space below, too.  Couple that with two thermostats, and we should be able to regulate temperature quite easily.  I will be relying upon Mooshum and Donnie to show me how to use the fireplace efficiently, as I have no idea how to use wood heat.

In the first photo, you can also see some of the HVAC ducting - this is important as it moves the warm air around the rest of the house.

The GC likes to source from local manufacturers, where possible.   For example, the cultured stone on the fireplace and (eventually) front of the house is from a company called Captured Stone, which manufactures their stone at a plant in Truro.

Our exterior windows and doors are from an Altlantic Canadian manufacturer, as well as our roofing/fascia/soffits.  Because Home Hardware is our GC, they've taken pains to source Canadian goods, with a particular emphasis on manufacturers in Nova Scotia - right down to the cabinet maker!  This not only saves on transport costs, import fees, tariffs and other miscellaneous costs associated with trans-border business, but also provides regional jobs and keeps money local.

Considering this will likely be the last house we ever buy (and only one we build), it makes me happy that so many regional people have had a hand in building our home.

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