Sunday Drivers

 Sunday temperatures were predicted to be in the double digits, so we decided to head out early and catch the low tide at Scots Bay.  SB has become one of our new favourite places with its gravel beach, fresh water run offs and level terrain.  It's a great place to explore, find treasures, slop around in the mud and get clean again!
Today's episode of Weird Stuff on the Beach is brought to you today by "Right Handed Rubber Gloves".

Isn't it funny?  We saw three gloves on the beach today and ALL of them were rights!  I guess people take their gloves off to write something, or conduct some sort of activity which requires manual dexterity, and poof! The glove flies off, falls in the water, drops on a slippery deck or other wise disappears.  There has got to be a club for sad, lonely left-handed gloves at each local wharf!

Truman, my prairie dog, FINALLY went in the water!  He didn't swim, but he got his feet wet and chased water bubbles with cute curiosity.  Of course, he really had no choice but to get wet, as water is everywhere on the beach. But he charged in like a champ and was soon soaked to his arm pits.

Aida had a bit of a swim and Truman thought swimming was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen!  Poor Bubbsy, her eyesight is failing and she was having a hard time spying the stick. She heard the tell-tale "plop", but couldn't locate it once it stopped moving.

In typical fashion, he stole the stick as soon as she brought it back, but later he made a valiant effort to try for himself.  Goof ball!  Once the weather turns we'll take him out for a real swim by getting in the water ourselves and coaxing him out.  He's afraid and isn't quite sure what to do!  But, I remember Aida being the same way when she was a pup - she completely lost her mind when Petey swam away after some ducks!  It didn't take long for her to figure it out and she took to the water like it was the most natural thing in the world.

On our way home from Scots Bay we made a couple of stops for some photos.  We made our first stop when passing through the dykelands.  I wanted to snap a photo of the Wellington Dyke sign because it illustrates where the high-tide line would be if the dyke didn't exist or was to fail.  Imagine! This project was begun over 325 years ago, and wouldn't be complete for 130 years. It's incredible!

Yuh, that's me.

Our second stop was Margaretsville to take a photo of high tide (33 feet) at the wharf.  Compare that with Saturday's low tide photo.  Pretty cool, huh?

I apologize for the blurriness and that I can't make a composite comparison photo of the two tides - as you already know, my computer is being fixed and I don't have access to my regular photo editing programs.  The blurriness is because I was farting around with Laur's camera and snapped the only good photo when it was in miniature mode.  :D  But you get the idear!

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