Puking kid, hooting owl and a toasty house.

The Boy has been predicting all week that he was going to be sick tonight.   Several times this week he's told us that he's "going to be sick on Friday" and each time we've told him that it's rather difficult to predict when you're going to be sick.

But, true to his prediction, he's been puking tonight.  For the first time ever, he puked on me.  Laur then checked on him before turning in ourselves, and sure enough he'd puked again - this time in bed.

So, we cleaned him up. As Laur was flicking chuncky bits off of his bedding from the deck to the ground outside, she heard a couple packs of coyotes singing to one another.  I helped get the boy settled back into clean pjs and clean sheets then headed out to the deck to have a listen for myself.

I didn't hear the coyotes, but I did catch our resident owl calling out into the darkness.  I hope you can hear it.

In other news, I spent most of the day cutting wood and brought a bunch up to the house in preparation for our Winter Storm Warning. Apparently we're supposed to get 10cm tonight (blick) and it's already started.  I also thought night-time temps were going to take a dive and it was a wee bit sub-optimal in the house already this evening, so I lit a fire to take the chill off and keep it warm during the night.

I started with some soft wood to get it going, then threw on a few pieces of beech to last through the night.  I then closed the air and turned off the blower. Two hours later  and the house has gone from 16.5 degrees to 25 (and is still climbing)!  I think it's safe to say that I've gotten the hang of using the fireplace!  Blue flames dance lazily from the orange-hot bed of coals.

The living room ceiling fan is on full speed, moving that heat around the house, but night-time temps are only supposed to dip to zero. I have a feeling it's going to be a rather warm night!

The Boy is sleeping under thin blankets as his sheets and comforter are in the wash, so this might all be for the best anyways.  I hope he's feeling better by morning and ready for a decent breakfast.

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