"I could see Perladise by the dashboard liiiiiight...."

Temps in the Valley reached a very balmy 22 degrees today (felt like 26 though.  Predicting a LOW of 16 tonight... crazy-talk)!  Because The Boy was off from school, we took a wee drive south in search of some Nova Scotia topographical maps.

Our first stop was DNR in Lawrencetown.  I had some questions about the provincial rifle ranges and asked if they had any topos.  They directed me to the Municipal Office downtown.  On the way by we stopped at NSCC Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS), thinking they might have some topo maps of the Valley.  Sadly they did not and also pointed me in the direction of the Municipal Office downtown.

We found the Muni Office downtown and was very disappointed to find that the province had closed the map library at that location only three weeks ago!  This change displaced a map librarian and the collection has been moved to a central location in Amherst.  However, the titles for all properties in the county are in books stored in a vault at this location.  The women working were incredibly helpful and inspired me to do a title search on our property.  I'll return to Lawrencetown some time next week.  It'll be wonderful to put my hands on the very books which recorded all land transactions in Annapolis County back to the early 1700s.  I'm really quite excited!

Because we were already half way, we decided to head on to Bridgetown and visit Connie at her library.  The Boy simply adores Connie.  So much so, that when we go over to Kookum and Mooshum's he often asks if she's going to be there!  We took the opportunity to have a wee visit and check out their selection of DVDs and children's books on CD.  I think we've exhausted the selection at our library and boy was excited to have some fresh listening material.

The Boy also drew a few pictures for Connie.  He whipped out another "tumble down the stairs" horror scene as well as a comic strip type picture consisting of four panes -  a snowman slowly melting.  That boy makes me laugh pretty hard.

On our way home we discovered Pearles!  This is really quite a coincidence as just this week I was thinking about the Milky Way in Regina, and how I've missed their coconut (and banana!) soft serve chocolate dipped cone.

Well... Pearles - think original Snack Shack in Lumsden - not the new fangled thingy they have down there now - meets Milky Way.  Oh my!  Boy had a Seven-Up float while I munched on some deliciously crispy onion rings!

I can tell this place is a local favourite in the summer - there were a dozen picnic tables out back, a loud speaker system for announcing orders ready for pick-up and a parking lot the size of a football field!  We will definitely be back (with Momma)!

Stop by Pearles in Paradise!

That poor chicken was born without wings.

Here's the original "stair tumble" to which I referred.

Despite being rather horrific (I don't think he's trying to be disturbing), it's pretty amazing.  He's only five, but he can imagine the position of an object tumbling through space.  It's pretty incredible.  Auntie Terri had a great idea - that he should work on a flip book.  Laur showed him the concept, but it take some guidance to get him started.  Or, he might just start doing it on his own after ruminating on it for a while.

In other news this week, The Boy brought home a note from school saying someone had brought lice into the classroom.  Yaaaaaaaay.  Yesterday Laura also found the first tick of the season.  Lice and ticks all in the same week.  I think my head is going to explode ! Connie said that ticks are so plentiful for so long that she's become positively "blasé" about it all. Finally, a fly in our Nova Scotia ointment!   I didn't tell her about the lice.

Aw crap. All that talk of the Milky Way has made me totally jones for Houston Pizza.  I can honestly say that's the ONLY thing I miss from Regina!


  1. Just so you know, despite the crap weather, the milky way opened a couple weeks ago. And we had Houston's last week.

  2. Hm. Crappy weather, Milky Way and Houstons. That certainly is a mixed bag. You probably don't have ticks yet, either.

    Quite a toss up, but I'll stick with Nova Scotia and the challenge of finding some good pizza!