Poultry Palace

I've had a few requests for photos of my pallet chicken house, so here are a few construction shots.  The boy has been off from school for about 17 weeks now (or at least that's how it feels), so there has been little progress this week.

Truman noms a stick whilst I capture the kodak moment.  This is the rear of the hen house. There is a beautiful solid wood door with window leaning behind the ladder.
The front of the coop with my three free matching windows leaning against the front wall.  There will be a more temporary type structure perpendicular to the main coop where the yellow wheel barrow is sitting. This will be for the meat kings. By all accounts they won't be around very long.  And during their limited time on earth will probably not be moving around very much either.

My rafter/trusses.  There are ten of these, and they are only half completed.  The cross members will be "ceiling ties" installed approximately 1.5' down the wall.  This will give us approximately 4.5' of space with which to work. Not a lot of room, but it will allow us to store seasonal items like lamps, feeders, water dishes, etc.  The attic space will likely have an end wall and door considering anything in the chicken house will get quite dusty.

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