First peepers, first tick.

I didn't take a photo cuz you all know what a tick looks like, but Laur found the season's first tick on The Boy's pants when doing laundry.

Oh yeah, and a notice came home saying a kid in his class had lice.  That's a good time.

Does anyone out there remember having lice in their classroom?  I'm sure my mom can set me straight, but I don't ever remember someone bringing lice to school.   For no other reason than they spread very quickly, lice freak me out.

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  1. Hi Leanne this is your mother speaking and I do not ever remember getting a notice of lice inthe classrrom for any of you guys. That is pretty amazing to have had 5 kids and no lice or ever notices but tis true tis true. I hate ticks too but we have too much snow to worry about that rught now