Tabouleh-induced fantasies...

While the Valley is enjoying a few days of much-needed rain, our temperature is going to reach a whopping 28 degrees (that's 82 degrees for our metric-challenged friends)!

This nice weather is only going to last for another day, however, but it's a nice re-introduction to summer.  In the dead of a prairie winter, it's hard to look out the window and believe that grass actually grows around here.

That said, nothing inspires healthy eating like summer, and nothing says summer quite like tabouleh.

As I was making my favourite summer salad, the following fantasy played itself out in my tiny head:

Due to the current Federal budget situation, management would offer me a 2 year severance, at my current salary, to leave the public service.  At this time, we would purchase a small, used, Boler-type trailer.  The boy and I would pack up a few clothes, some housewares and a selection of tools.  We'd hitch the trailer to Gertie, and make our way cross country to the new property where we would settle in and supervise the build.

We would live in the Boler, have the truck with us for transportation, and build the first outbuildings - Laura's "office"/boy schoolhouse and the chicken house.  In the coop we'd store our extra clothes, tools, and food.  We'd start the garden and begin planning the rest of the property - livestock sheds, compost areas, trails and so on.

It would also be a good time to start 'school'.

Oh how we'd romp and play like spring lambs!  We would amble through the meadow's morning dew and the evening sunlight would cast golden beams across our homegrown repast...

(cue record scratching...)

Alright, that's going a bit too far...I've heard too much garlic can do that to you...better get back to salad making.

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