Of flax and foundlings...

Over the preceding few years, our friends have slowly moved away, one by one, couple by couple.  Nova Scotia, Ontario, BC - and this fall, Tennessee.  We always thought that we'd be the first to go, after all... we had a five year plan.

Our plan always hinged on the adoption of our son, however. And because this is Saskatchewan, and because we are not a "traditional" family, you know how that story went... anyways, I digress.

Now in our 8th year of that five year plan, our small family basks in dreams of a new adventure.  Over the preceeding few years, L and I have sometimes play a game called "What will we miss when we leave here?"  We don't play it so much any more as the list has become somewhat of a joke - we each say the same thing every time.

This afternoon, after sitting in the afternoon sunlight on a glorious spring day, I once again asked L - "What will you miss about this place when we're gone?"

L: "Nothing. But, like Joni Mitchell said, you don't know what you got 'till it's gone. Right? What will you miss when we're gone?"

Me: "Houston Pizza and the fields of flax blooming in the early summer."

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