My first request!

Yay! People are reading my blog! I know this because I received an email asking for more photos!  Ask, and ye shall receive! Lots of exclamation points!!!

I only took a few photos, as I was concentrating more on giving Laura a sense of the property. To do this I used a lot of video.  It's a step up from still photos, but still very difficult to convey size, distance, sounds and colours accurately - to say nothing of scents.

 This is my favourite tree - so far.
 A view across the creek and up the hill - you can see some of the clear cutting which has taken place.
At the top of the drive, you can see clear across to the meadow.  The was at least 15 cords of wood in the foreground, all logged from our property. Ask me sometime about the audacity of the person who gave all of this wood away (free, gratis, pro bono, no charge!), despite not even owning the land.
 Yeah, go ahead, ask me. I'll tell ya.


  1. Of course we are following the blog. I swear Leanne you should write a novel one day. or maybe this wilol become a novel. I love the way that you describe your family and I love your musings

  2. fisherd@uregina.ca2 May 2012 at 14:02

    It looks fantastic - am very much looking forward to more pictures and commentary.