Once upon a time...

Once upon a time two people, two dogs and three cats lived in blissful contentment in the Evergreen State.

One day, it became apparent that this state of bliss could not continue, and the happy little household set out cross country to find another bliss.  But it was not to be, for the happy little household was entranced by the wicked witch of the prairie, who lured newcomers with her inexpensive real estate and "safe family environment."

The happy family soon became prey to the backward social nature of the typical prairie metropolis. And as a result, they quickly became jaded, fat and discontented.  During this sad time they lost four cherished members of their household but gained two (and some awesome fishes).

Realizing they could never go back to their heartland, and loathing their current despised existence, they set about finding a place where they could once more feel at home.

This story is the result of that search...

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  1. I accidentally deleted L's comment - "Terri would like it to be known that Phoebe is not lost. We all know exactly where she is."