How to minimize whining. Or, teamwork... or whatever you want to call it!

Hey! How come Laur wasn't part of yesterday's momentary delusion?

Whilst making supper together a few nights ago, Laur mused - "Wouldn't it be great if you could get away from work and supervise the build?"  And, zoom - gone!   I was up in my tiny head, already fantasizing a cross-country drive capped off with a summer-long camping trip.

On second thought, she may have been thinking out loud - "Is there a way I can get you out of here so I can do all the annoying little things without listening to you whine?"

Ah... she knows me so well!

Actually, Laura has been working hard and doing a lot of research on alternative heating/ energy sources.  There is a mind-numbing amount of information out there on wind, solar and geo thermal sources.  Each has it's own jargon, calculations, foundation modifications, electrical in/outputs, etc.   I am so glad she has undertaken this part of the nutritious breakfast because truthfully, I like the *idea* of alternative energies but find the options to be overwhelming.

To that end, she's been encouraging our house designer to get the plans finalized before we leave.   She's been setting up appointments to speak with local professionals, and having the finalized plans will make these discussions more meaningful and accurate.

So, if Laura is doing most of the research and 'heavy lifting' on the build, where does that leave me on the division of labour for this project? 

Although my role at this stage is minimal (I prefer to think of myself as more of a "design consultant" at this point!), the construction of outbuildings, fence building, chicken maintenance and boy-schooling will be my on-going responsibilities. 

At the end of the day, I think we make a pretty good team...

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