Workin', Workin', Wooorkin'! Rawhide!

It's been a busy couple of days. I've fenced all but the last 120' of frontage and have to make two gates then that project will be complete. This hasn't stopped El Doo and I from heading out to the field to enjoy ourselves, though.  Now that the meadow has been mowed (174 240 square feet, mowed four feet at a time.  Took me over three hours!), the ticks have been knocked down and we can now play frisbee and chase-the-Kong to our hearts content.  His recall is pretty darn good and I'm not worried about him finding the 120' gap at the far end. Nor is it a big deal if for some reason he chases something over the brook.

Aida, on the other hand, has to wear the remote collar so we can "page" her. She's losing her hearing so the vibrate feature on the collar is a great alternative to screaming our heads off.

This is the north-west corner of the meadow. I've got other photos, but I'm sure you've seen field fencing before. The unfenced portion is WAAAAAAAAAY down at the end of those tractor tracks.

Having this area fenced makes me pretty happy. To give you an idea of scale, this meadow would fit two Canadian football fields (which are larger than American football fields), and have room to spare.   I hope to have a wee dog agility course built out of logs, eventually.  It's also my plan to start working Truman to sled/drive.  I know he'd like a job and it would be fun to have him tow the boy around.

I've also been working on cutting and splitting more wood. I was supposed to have the splitter all day tomorrow, but I saw it at the rental place this evening before they closed and asked if I could have it tonight.  This afternoon I pulled the last of the ash trunk and two collateral wild cherry trees up to the top of the logging road.  I'm looking forward to cutting and splitting the cherry as it smells quite nice.  It also is wonderfully fragrant when burning.

For those who are curious, this what I take into the woods when I'm skidding and cutting logs.

In other news, we've received confirmation that my sister will be visiting at the end of October/early November. This is extremely exciting as we'll be able to carry on our annual pumpkin carving tradition.  She'll also be here for The Boy's birthday.  I can't wait to share some of our favourite places and discover some new ones with her!

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  1. I can not wait to explore and discover why you guys fell in love with Nova Scotia.
    On a side note, the woman told me that she would change my address from Cambodia to Canada.
    Your sister