Rain, rain go away!

It would seem that it's been raining for weeks, but finally an end is in sight. Unfortunately, that end will bring temps in the low 30s and with the humidex it's going to get downright ugly (think 40s).  It will dry out eventually and hopefully we'll be able to enjoy some nice summer weather.
I've been working on the front 4 acres - getting posts in the ground so we can fence the perimeter.  I've reworked a 250' portion three times, but I think I've finally got it down.  With over 1400' feet of frontage along a highway (traffic isn't terribly frequent, but it is fast), we wanted to make sure that The Boy and dogs could enjoy the field without worry of an accident. By fencing the front meadow with page-wire, we can all enjoy a good romp without worrying excessively.

Once we get some livestock, I hope to separate the larger space into smaller, rotating pastures. But for now it can be one giant playground.  I'd like to make an agility course for Boy and dogs (and me!).  Tru would really appreciate some mental stimulation, Boy can use the balance and problem solving work and I can use the exercise.  Throw a few handfuls of food out into the grass and Aida would be completely happy to get her sniffer back into shape - low impact exercise for the old-lady dog.

So to that end, I've got approximately 550' of posts complete.  We'll need about 50 more before I can start putting up wire.  We're fortunate that we've got about a foot and a half of (rocky) soil before hitting the really compact substrate.  In many places along the North Mountain, there is only an inch or two of dirt before you hit bedrock.  Because it's been raining, the soil is very squishy and with Bertie's help, sinking posts is short work.  This morning in the span of a couple of hours I managed to sink 40 posts.

I'll post some photos later this afternoon so you can see what I'm talking about.

Oh, look - I think the sun is trying to shine through!

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