Farm update

We've been plodding along with work on the property. I've been fencing, our fruit trees are settling in nicely and we now have a small patch of grass in the back "yard".

Check it out!

 This is a sugar maple I planted in remembrance of my cousin's son, Akayan. Hopefully the crooked stake will help it to grow straight and tall and strong.

 Enterprise Apple tree - this was the free tree given to us by Mr. Gates. It is a new variety and he just wants to know how it does.

 This is one of two Gravenstein apple trees.  You can also see the two other apples in the back, and part of my new fence.

 Cherries! Ok, two cherries. But it's a start!

 My new fence! It's not the prettiest fence, but it's all mine! Only 800' feet to go!

 I don't know why he does this, but this is generally how we begin our mornings.  Or how we do research on the computer. Or eat popcorn. Or hang out. Holy crap - look at my chin! I've lost weight, honestly!

 Two of my favourite things - El Dooderino and Bertie!

Lawn! Sort of...

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