Busy Beavers

Yesterday was a busy day in the rain.  I rented the wood splitter and made a big dent in all those logs at the top of the logging road.

This pile represents five front-end loader loads of wood.

 Cut and stacked. I now have a little less than two cords of soft wood and approximately one and a half cords of hard wood in the wood shed.  This should last us all winter, but there is still another cord of each to cut, split and stack.

 The back of the chicken coop.  The door and lean-to on the left is for the meat birds. The door with the chicken on it is for the laying hens.  Laur convinced me not to make a door for the meat birds, lest the chainsaw give them a heart attack, so I made a ramp so they can use the main door.  I also put some temporary fencing up so they'd be directed to the hen's run (as they are too little to use it this year).  

The front of the hen house, avec poulets.  Today was their first time outside and they enjoyed it immensely - chasing bugs, eating worms, chomping on green bits, flapping their wings, laying around and pooping everywhere.

 The chicken regarded the bug.

 I made a weird noise and they all stopped eating to look at me.  They were gathered at the fence because that's where all the tasty weeds were growing.

 Standing up to eat is hard work when you're a Meat King (this is a male). These genetic freakazoids are bred to grow at an amazing speed. At seven weeks old, these birds are already bigger than anything you'd buy at the supermarket.

A young hen (Speedy, my favourite) enjoys the sun and grass and tries unsuccessfully to work on her camouflage skills.

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