Sunday Supper

We're having some wonderfully warm, low-humidity days!  Temps are in the low 30s and a slight breeze blowing makes for pleasant work outside. Those who didn't get their haying done before our last stretch of rain are back in the fields, trying to get the work done before it rains again.

The corn is growing like weeds and Valley fruit is hitting the stands - rhubarb and strawberries have been out for a while, but blueberry stands are also now popping up. Won't be long now for cranberries and cherries.

We had a wonderful supper at Mooshum and Kookum's last night - a real summer feast, enjoyed el fresco!  Three types of salad, deviled eggs and one of their famous 9lb chickens! 

While we were there I took a few photos of their animals, all looking content with summer's bounty.  Their house is in a wonderful grove of shady trees which keeps the house cool during the warm summer days.  I should have gotten some snaps of their amazing flowers, but it completely escaped me!

 Morag the Border Collie

 Young ducks resting in the shade.

 Cocoa the young jersey bull.

 The Drake.
If you've never had your butt kicked by a duck, come on over and he'll set you straight in a jiffy!

 Morag and the young ducks

 Little FooFoo. 
Word on the street is that she's not been right since getting hit by a car when she was a wee duckling.

Monorail cat.
I ain't one for cats, but Bella is an exception.  If Foxy and Bella ever disappear on the same day, just come looking at our house.

In other news, on Saturday we went to the steer BBQ in Kingston and had a pleasant time. Kookum met us there and we enjoyed some roast beef, french fries, poutine, drinks, live entertainment and some bouncy houses for the chitlins.

 The annual steer BBQ. They roast a whole steer. This is how it looked when we arrived shortly after one.

 And this was all that remained when we left shortly after two.

Boy tries his hand(s) at milking!

Apparently you can get milk from a plastic cow. Who knew?


  1. No Oggie or Foxy pics?

    1. Sadly I didn't get any good ones of them...