Two more reasons to love Nova Scotia

A couple weeks ago the "check engine" light came on in the car.  We didn't really pay much attention to it because it wasn't blinking and Ingrid needed an oil change anyway.  Well, the other day I was driving down the mountain when the check engine light started blinking and the oil pressure light illuminated.  Both of these lights were followed by a screaming alarm issuing forth from Ingrid's bowels!
As fate would have it, I was just passing a Volkswagen repair place and I pulled in to the parking lot at which time I checked Ingrid's oil level.

Whoops-a-daisy!  The stick came up dry.... yeah.   Embarrassed at my lack of car maintenance, I walked into the shop and explained what had just happened.  The guy behind the counter chuckled and said that they did not have any openings until the following day.  I agreed that tomorrow was fine and advised them that the car was parked at the front of the lot.  I called Laur and she retrieved me from the shop.

Can you imagine my surprise when I got a call from the shop two hours later advising me the car was done?!  The check engine light had illuminated on account of the air intake filter requiring replacement. They had also checked the in-cabin filter and replaced that as well.   The oil change was also complete and I was able to get Ingrid before the end of the day!

Fantastic customer service!

The second head-scratcher happened a few days later.   Whilst catching up on the morning news, I heard great snarling and gnashing of teeth emanating forth from the basement.  Apparently something had suddenly happened to our internet connection at a rather inopportune moment in Laur's work day.

Stomping up the stairs she immediately called Eastlink and explained in a jaw-clenched and terse voice that the loss of our internet connection was unacceptable.  I ended up taking over the phone from her as the conversation spiraled downward very quickly.  With Laur's frustration level at an all-time high, I fumbled through a rather pleasant conversation with the customer service person on the other end.

Customer Service was unable to assist and transferred me to a tech-guy. It was at that precise moment that the phone went dead.  I had been accidentally hung up on.  I am sure you can imagine the blue cloud which very quickly filled the room.  To say "Laur was furious" would be an understatement.

I quickly pressed redial and was wading through phone-tree hell when another call came in on my cell.  I wasn't pleased about answering, but it was a private number and so I picked it up.  It was the customer service agent calling me back.

I'll say that again.

The person who had accidentally hung up on us was calling back to apologize and reconnect me to the right department.  Tell me honestly now - has any customer service agent, anywhere, ever, called you back after accidentally disconnecting? Ever? No? Me neither.

And you can add those two incidents to the "Why I Love Nova Scotia" list.

That is all.

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