Sunday Drivers - Peggy's Cove

Our day had originally entailed a Mother's Day hike with the Evergreen Theatre group.  However that plan was scuttled, presumably because the deluge unleashed over night was expected to continue into the day.

So, we quickly devised a back-up plan and headed off to Peggy's Cove on the south shore.

It was positively dreary on the coast - the weather was dark, rainy and absolutely lovely! We loved every minute of it. When torrential rains weren't battering the car, the fog enveloped us completely.  There are some crummy photos of our adventure below.

As luck would have it, we passed by Hammonds Plains.  A Beep spotter had reported in from the Sobey's in that location.  We were able to secure three one-litre cartons for our stash.  Sadly, one carton was sacrificed on our trip, but the two remain cradled in the dark cold arms of our Frigidaire. And yes, it is as delicious as I remember it to be!

We took a wee detour to the Whalesback, where the SwissAir Flight 111 memorial stands as a grim reminder of the tragedy which unfolded that night.

The three notches in the stone represent the numerals III.  This monument forms one third of a triangle - the other two points are the monument in Bayswater, NS and the actual crash site on the horizon.  This view follows a line directly towards the crash site.
Peggy's Cove
Famous Lighthouse

Famous warning.

The angry sea.  What a perfect day to enjoy the Cove - there were few other "tourists" there!

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