Sunday Drivers - Aylesford Lake

We took a wee spin south to check out some potential summer swimming spots.  Our journey took us first to Lake George.  It was much less than we had expected from a provincial park, so we continued on at boy's request to "turn left."

A bit further up the road we came to the public beach at Aylesford Lake and took a jaunt to scope out the property.

Walking from the boat launch to the park and beach.

Aaaaand he's off! We're in the home stretch and Speedy's in the lead followed closely by Mommy with Momma bringing up the rear. We've only been to a couple of beaches here, but they have both been rather strange - lawn, boardwalk and a small amount of sand followed closely be the water.  I wonder if this has something to do with the shores being rather rocky (much like Newfoundland, NS seems to rest upon a "ginormous" hunk of rock).
This was the "Bossy Beach".  I took a few more photos of the signs (Stay Off! No Pets! Park closes at 8pm, you will get locked in! Do No Play On Dock!),  but the other signs didn't look quite right in a collage.
On the way home we stopped at a convenience store with a greenhouse. While Momma and The Boy got licorices, I wandered about taking photos of the statuary.
My favourite one of the day. Pan, pensively passing from present to present.
The Boy was initially a bit wary of the rattlesnake, but once assured that it was made of concrete and not about to strike, he began poking at it.  That was not really the lesson I'd hoped to convey.
It was a wee drive today as we have to get the rest of the chicken house finished up - we'll be getting our meat birds on Tuesday and our hens some time before the end of the month!

To that end, we scooted out to New Minas and got some lumber, OSB and cedar shingles for siding.  I'll take some photos of the chicken house progress later today.

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