Sunday Drivers - South Shore Edition

I'm wiped out this evening.  Here are a few unedited photos of today's adventure to whet your appetite.

I'll fill in the blanks tomorrow!

Monday 2109hrs

We started our day wondering where our Sunday Drive would take us, when all of the sudden Laur had a fantastic idea - let's go to The Ovens!

So, we packed Ingrid and headed cross-country to the South Shore.

Canoe/kayak launch at Shannon River.
We were heading down Highway 10 when we came across this amazing boat launch! It was dead calm and so quiet that Laur and I immediately vowed to keep our eyes peeled for a used canoe!  I have got to think of more superlatives, because there are not enough words to describe the beauty we see almost every day.
Not so beautiful, but interesting nonetheless.  We saw a green leech snaking its way through the water.  Did you know that all leeches come on land to lay their eggs, are hermaphroditic and have suckers at both ends of their body?  Leeches are fascinating... and still yucky.
A tadpole perfectly camouflaged in the shallow waters.  There were many and they were HUGE!  This particular one was longer than my index finger with a body bigger than the first knuckle in my thumb. And there were larger ones!
After making it all the way to The Ovens, we discovered it was still closed for the season.  Laur raised a good point - this is an amazing natural feature, listed on provincial maps, signed with provincial highway signs and yet it's private property and consequently closed.  
This is the ferry dock at La Have. The ferry runs across the La Have River on a cable and a fare for car and passengers is $5.50.  Look closely and add this to my "Reasons I love Nova Scotia" - it's not that far if you need to drive around, but if you have an emergency between 11pm and 5:30 am, the operator is on-call, just use the intercom!
The departing ferry, compete with tow line.
Plan B - after The Ovens, we decided to head to Blue Rocks, just east of Lunenburg.  How could you not want to visit such a beautifully named place?
The Boy climbs the blue rock formations.  The rocks striations are pitted, creating wonderful textures.
The ONLY beach garbage observed the entire day - someone's cast off 2Pac CD!

More Boy, more climbing, more blue rocks.
A fish scale, by the side of the road.  One glance indicates why it's no longer in use.
Apparently The Boy weighs 190lbs!
On our way from The Point in Blue Rocks, we passed this whimsical sign post.  "Heaven - it's closer than you think".  True story!
Take a right out of Blue Rocks and you'll come to the end of the road in Stonehurst East.  The peninsula is filled with the Tanner family, save for one - The Meisters!  Can you imagine living in these houses? Apparently people don't move much, because the only thing connecting the houses to the road was the wee bridge on the right, not big enough for a car.  That's a long way to carry groceries, never mind a Hide-A-Bed!
Our day then concluded with an ice cream cone in Lunenburg.  We tried to find Tara's father's place, and with scant information (only his last name and that they owned a gallery)  we interrogated the local residents.  Actually, we made two stops - the firehall and a framing gallery - and were able to locate them.  Love, love, love small-town (off season) Nova Scotia!

Now that we know where their gallery is located, we'll be sure to stop in next time!

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