Get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down...

 Sooooo gud!

After making an amazing lasagne with some Trader Joe's Marinara sauce, the question on my mind of late is thus:

In Middleton, will we be ANY closer to a Trader Joe's than we are now?

To find the answer I turned to my lovely and intrepid research assistant, Google.

Upon consulting TraderJoes.com, I learned that the closest location is Minneapolis, MN - a mere 12 hours and 43 minutes away from Regina.   Once upon a time, this would have fallen quite handily into the "one day drive" category.

Not too bad, really. But what about when we move to Middleton?

After once again consulting Trader Joe's map, my brow furrowed anxiously as I entered the coordinates into Google Maps.


We would now be TWO HOURS closer to TJ's! Plus, there's a boat ride involved!

Middleton to Portland, ME - 10 hours 16 minutes!

TJ's! Portland! Long weekend! Road trip!

... but what about BulkBarn?


  1. BulkBarn in New Minas... 20 min away!!!

  2. Old habits die hard, eh? I was just re-reading this post and thinking - HEY! Isn't our focus on becoming more self sufficient?

    Maybe we'll work on making and canning our own amazing sauce, with a couple TJ's in reserve for comparisons, quality control and emergencies.