Third time lucky?

The lilac's heady scent is slowly fading into memories of springtime and time continues to plod forth into summer.

I've received a request for more blog entries, so here is some work-in-progress.

We've been in close communication with our builder, and are currently working on our third floor plan iteration.  The first plan was the main working plan, composed of the official drawings from AW Allen.  For some reason, on the second version they had flipped the whole house (i.e. mirrored it) which really changed things considering we're on a slope with a walk out basement.  You can imagine how it would be to exit the kitchen door to an eleven foot drop!

We're now on our third (and hopefully final) set of drawings. The house has been switched back and the main floor entrance is once again at grade.  Some minor changes include centering the window in the den/boy's room, centering the fireplace on the wall, adding another basement window and making a few changes to a wall downstairs.

Here's our (almostly certainly certain) upstairs floor plan - you can see our desire to spend time together as the public spaces are much larger and adaptable than the private spaces:

I removed the kitchen cabinets from the plan because I'm reasonably certain that we're going to do up our own IKEA kitchen plan, but you get the idea.

Here are some screen shots from the IKEA design tool.

 I particularly like the centre wine rack which holds up to 10 bottles.

The "Den" is going to be the boy's room for the time being - until his teenage-self decides to move to the basement... then he'll have the guest room. Laur might then move from the closet-office to the Den/boy's ex-room - we'll see.  Laur's idea is to also have a movable set of shelving which can provide privacy in the event we have more guests - living so far away from family, we hope to provide a base from which people can explore the region.

I think the boy and I are going to get into a lot of trouble in the 11' x 38' (approx) centre portion of the basement - bowling, hockey, gymnastics, doggie agility course, giant domino setup, trains, Lego, forts, slip n' slide (tm) - oh the options are endless! It's a giant hall!

The red portions of the basement indicate work we will do ourselves.

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