One day at a time (sweet cheeses)...

It's been a busy week for us.

I took this photo on my first trip to the valley.  The house will be placed to the left middle foreground - right where those grey little alders are.  This photo will approximate the view out the front windows of the house (dining, living and master).  I wish we were there now, if only to take a photo from the exact site and capture the newly budding leaves.

Since returning, we have been communicating with our builder several times daily. We've gone from an ultra modern in/exterior, to a more traditional (and warmer) look.  Even though the skeleton of the building is of a more modern style, I think the materials are in line with the design.

This is a far cry from our neo-Craftsman style, designed by Robinson Design here in Regina. But it still carries an echo of FLW, particularly in his later years.  I am excited about the huge south-facing windows and the fireplace.

See mock up of the interior and exterior below - we will be adding the deck as per the illustration. There is a sliding "French" door (a wood door with a single obscured glass light) dividing the public area from the bedrooms. I'm also excited about this - we can close that door and not only separate spaces, but also will also be better able to control heated areas.  The fireplace is designed to carry heat to the basement, as well.

We will have a walk-in in the Master, and the boy already has an armoire set for his room.  I think we can safely accommodate 12 people in the dining room and will eventually have space in the walk-out basement for overnight guests (with their own 3 piece bathroom).  

If we have guests in the mean-time, I am sure boy would be ecstatic to sleep on the (plastic wrapped) living room sofa!  I anticipate at least Terri and James for US Thanksgiving at our new home this fall!

From what I understand, the builder is getting bids from subs over the next two weeks. I keep thinking about the garden, acquiring and planting fruit trees, getting my chicken coop built and putting in a few oaks and maples along the driveway.  I keep looking at all the lumber I have in our current garage, and have to restrain myself from starting construction on Cluckingham Palace.  There's no point in building a big beautiful chicken coop, only to move it a few thousand kms across the country!


  1. just to be perfectly clear: WE ARE NOT THE CRAZY OLD LADIES THAT WRAP FURNITURE IN PLASTIC. leanne had to clarify that the plastic is the anti-pee barrier.

  2. Cluckingham Palace... brilliant!

    The place is gorgeous. Absolutely lovely! I love me a Robinson home so the first couple of floor plan posts had me tsk-tsking (yes, that is a verb) but seeing the exterior rendering in this post sealed the deal for me... a craftsman just doesn't do the land justice the way this does. Love the lines, the materials, the layout. You did good!

    As for the plastic covered furniture I can relate: I have tinfoil on my leather furniture to deter Scully-kins (and her claws) from taking up residence on the ottoman. Pretty sure any popper-by visitors think I'm one of those eccentric alien-deterring types or something when, really, I just like to keep things classy..

  3. Tinfoil - keepin' it classy since 1998!