How do you solve a problem like Marina?

What a great day.  It really behooves me that the boy can misbehave so terribly in school and yet is an absolute doll at home.  I don't get it... anyways...

We had a really good day on the road, or air as the case may be.  Despite having little sleep last night, I managed to keep crazy at bay and kept it together.  Boy is a natural traveler and he does it well. He was agreeable all day, interested in the world around him and asked some really great questions.  On the plane he was occupied by "Half Naked Animals". Apparently this is some sort of pre-school comedy show, because Laur reported on several occasions that he was in stitches.

We arrived safely in Halifax and were pleasantly surprised by Hertz car rental.  Instead of the economy class car we had requested, they hooked us up with a VW Routan ("Oh! A min-eeeee van!", said the boy, his eyes like saucers).  It's nice to have a real-world test drive of a vehicle neither of us would ever choose (VW teamed with Chrysler to make this incarnation of a turd-box), but the boy is super happy. 

In fact, he was so happy that on the drive from the airport to the property he promptly fell asleep. We stopped, had a brief repast at Swiss Chalette (by deliberately mispronouncing the name you will be joining us in our weirdness), and carried on to the Valley.

We took a brief walk on the property, up to the creek and back, then came checked into the hotel to hunker down 'til morning.

Laur and the boy are sleeping.  I am currently wondering why I took a 2 hour power nap after supper.  Laur was contentedly working on some non-nonsensical (to me) work issue, and the boy was plugged into a My Little Pony episode or two. What was I to do, but close my eyes and drift off.

At 1030 (local) everyone else came to bed. Naturally, I was now wide awake.  I tossed and turned for about an hour before getting.  No sense in Laur having a crappy sleep because I can't get comfortable.

So here I sit, numb-bum on the edge of the tub, using the bathroom vanity as a makeshift desk, hiding out with Marina.  Ok, I'm the one hiding.  The toilet isn't making any special effort to conceal itself.

Yeah, the toilet has a name.

I don't think I can pee here anymore.

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