Where did we get the tiny Bostonian?

Having worked until one this morning, I was more than a little disoriented when my 5am wake-up call rolled around. Nonetheless, I was up and at 'em, dressed and showered by 0515.  Apparently Laur woke the boy while I was in the shower, because when I got out I peeked into his room and saw a wobbly little boy trying to put on his pants.  It was cute and sad all at the same time.

As I was helping him, he pointed his wonky little thumb at the window and made a poking motion.  I looked at him like he'd misplaced his only marble, and he did it again.  

"Look," he said poking his little digit at the window.

I looked. I didn't really see anything, so I looked harder.

"Look," he said again this time with a wee grin.  "It's dike outside."

"Yup, it's still night time," I replied.

"Look. Over dere. It's still dike, too"

For some reason, at 5-something in the morning, this struck him as hilarious. He continued to point his tiny thumb (Who points with their thumb? That guy!) at each window in the house, laughing hysterically at each one's darkness.  I couldn't tell if he was in a good mood, or crazed with sleep-deprivation. 

Either way it was going to be a good day.

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