Two good things this week.

After only a couple weeks on the waiting list, we now have a family doctor. And, he's only a few kms away! AAAANNND, he's a brand-new doctor!  Although he may lack experience, I'm sure he'll be enthusiastic.  That's one bit of good news for us this week.

The other tidbit of news is that Kamik is a company I will support.  Laur and I both purchased insulated rubber boots from Ukrainian Tire a couple months ago. I've been wearing mine almost non-stop since I got them, but Laur has only worn hers a dozen times.  In that short time, a piece of the steel shank (absolutely necessary, as you never want to step on a hawthorne thorn, take my word for it!) began to emerge through the sole.

Because we no longer had the CT receipt, she emailed Kamik and advised them of the development.  She heard back from them later in the day, and the boots had a one year warranty.  She replied to the email with photos of the boots and Kamik said they'd replace the defective pair.

Pretty good, eh?

Want to know something even better?  She got the replacement boots on Friday! That whole transaction took less than a week!

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