Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue

As many of you know, I feel very strongly about adopting from shelters and rescues.  Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue is where we adopted Truman before we left Saskatchewan.  This rescue does such amazing work and their volunteer base is dedicated, compassionate and willing. 

This poor guy was shot with a close-range shotgun blast and left to starve to death in pain.  To control the animals, many northern communities have an annual dog round up, where by the animals are brought in and any which remained unclaimed are simply shot to death.  CBC Manitoba did a story on Krieger and MGSR.

Although no one is certain of the circumstances surrounding Krieger, he has received the medical attention he requires and will be nursed back to health in a safe and compassionate environment.

Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die. Please support a companion animal rescue of your choice. Adopt your next pet.

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