Sunday Drivers

Once again Sunday Drivers was confined to property - not because of weather but rather by preference today.  Laur wanted to see what was left of the logs pulled down by Mooshum and I last week.  I've got 12 logs up at the logging road and another 6 on the landing below. There are so many more to drag at least to the landing; I'm not sure where we're going to put all the wood once it's cut!

Our logging road.
The slope upon which Mooshum and I were working.
We took the boy's camera today, and my computer is in the shop (so no photoshop), so I apologize in advance for photo quality.  We saw some dandelion-type flower weeds already blooming.  This made me somewhat happy - flowers, but weedy ones.

On our walk today we found two more piles of logs. I hope I can get to them with the tractor.  At the very least I should be able to winch them closer, even if I can't quite get in there.  We'll figure it out because I can't stand to see them lay in waste.

Approximately 18 beech logs.
Laur points to beech and ash logs.
 Further up the way we found someone's old metal dump.  There were various messages painted on the rusting hulks.  I think we're going to have to do some research on the property line, as some of this cool stuff may have been on our land.  Perhaps some aerial photos are in our future, too.

"Do not molest"
"Private" as in, this is my private garbage.
Poor old bug, no engine, no seats, no love.

"Remove no part" was painted ALL OVER this old Ford!

I was hoping to get a photo serial number from the bug, but instead I got a "blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!"

Laura, the shed (and woodshed) and one of the logs I'd brought down. The wood shed roof is ready for paper, the remaining drip edge and shingles. 

All of the softwood on the right side of the shed was cut from the log in the foreground, above photo - that's almost a half cord from that log alone!
Laur wanted to try her hand at splitting wood, so she (wo)man handled three chunks of that big log.  The Boy and I sat and spectated, eagerly awaiting our turn at stacking.  I split the last two chunks and the remainder of that log will be tossed back into the woods from whence it came, as it is rotten.

There are about eight 50' long hardwood logs at the top of the logging road (the remainder are considerably shorter) and I cut them into manageable lengths, drag them down and split as much as I can tomorrow.

All in all, an adventurous and productive day.

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