Sunday Drivers

The weather was decent and the roads clear so we seized the opportunity and drove!
Initially we did not have a destination in mind, so we headed north along the shore.  Our adventure began with an up-and-over hill road to Harbourville.   How lucky are we to live in such an amazing place!  Even in the dead of winter, when nary a leaf is to be found and the sun only makes rare appearances, the Valley is still unbelievably beautiful.

This is a cautionary sign.  It says "SLOW" but what it really means is "SERIOUSLY.  SLOW DOWN OR YOU'LL END UP IN THE DRINK, YOU IDIOT!"

A couple photos of the boats put up in Harbourville.
It would seem that cats are an integral part of Sunday Drivers.  Either that or the felines in Nova Scotia are just as friendly as the people!
We only spent a few short minutes in Harbourville before we hit the road again.  We decided to head out to Cape Split Provincial Park and see what we could see.

We passed through Canning where each of us got a box lunch from The Fireside Cafe.  Laur opted for the Ham, Cheddar and Apple Panini, I ordered a Reuban and Boy chose a simple ham and cheese sandwich.  Laur and I had a side of veggies and dip, and the boy got some potato chips.  Our sandwiches were a bit spendy, but oooh so delicious.  If you're looking for simple, delectable, local cuisine The Fireside is an excellent choice.

From there we hit the road up to the Lookout where we took a short video of the winter Valley.  It's too bad I'd turned the sound recording off, as there were several birds singing their hearts out.  Oh, and a blue jay.  :/


I'd seen Scots Bay several times on the map, and we even considered a property on the Scots Bay road, but neither of us has ever been there.  It was there that we were pleasantly waylaid by an amazing beach stretching out before us!  We spend a couple hours there, wandering on the cobble dappled shore, squishing through muddy tidal pools, looking for beach-booty and poking dead things with sticks.

A neat little bridge leads from the parking area to the beach.

Our tiny Mariner scanning the sea for pirate ships.

Rinsing a "treasure".

I thought the prairie skies were huge; they have nothing on the sea.
Seagull's beak.
This was a request from Laur, who thought the sand looked like trees.

 And now, for your first ever installment of... Weird Things on the Beach!

A corn cob.

A bone.

The fuzz!

Ok, this isn't so weird. There are thousands of elastic bands dotting the shore - presumably from fishermen who band lobster claws onboard.

Filleting knife sheath.

 And, last but not least... the weirdest things on the beach today....a collage pour vous.
Yes, those are tampon applicators. Just because you flush them, doesn't mean they're gone.

Aaaaaand then we had lunch.  I'd eaten most of my fresh veggies before I remembered to take a photo.  My Reuben sandwich with corned beef from the Village Meat Market in Canning.  Soooo gud!  Incidentally, those garlic pickles were divine!

This is Mr. Benjamin.  He was working with his oxen as we were driving back from Scots Bay.  I stopped and asked if I could take his picture. He said that it would be better to take a photo of the oxen.  We chatted for a while, and he invited me in for a coffee.  I'm always so surprised at Nova Scotian's generosity and I cannot figure out how to graciously decline.  I did not have the opportunity to visit and learn today, but I think I will take him up on his offer as I'm dying to learn about working oxen.

On our way back we made a pit stop in Port Williams as the boy had a destination on his itinerary, too.  There was a wonderful playground just off the main road and we spent the better part of an hour playing, sliding, twirling, balancing and plain old goofing off!  Laur will likely put those snaps on her FB page.

From Port Williams we continued to New Minas, where we stopped at Noggins Corner for a few supplies - farm eggs, fresh and fermented cider, a couple Propeller sodas and some locally made sausage.  Oh, and an apple pie - so much for alliteration!

Noggins Corner Farm, where it's all apples all the time!  They also sell produce from the farm and local products such as honey and preserves.

Apple boxes awaiting next fall's harvest.

New Minas Basin sure loves it's dykes. Makes us feel right at home! 
And finally, a Sunday Drivers special installment of "From the Mouths of Babes"

We were slowly passing one of the many cemeteries which dot the Nova Scotia countryside, when The Boy pipes up.

"Mommy, everyone in there is dead."

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